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new journal. [Mon 11 15 04 >> 12:58pm]
go find me. otherwise i'll find you. ciao.
2 minutes.

backkers..sorta. [Sat 10 30 04 >> 6:25pm]
howdy! i know, an update. dont die, really. i'm not back totally. i'll do updates now and then but i cant promise anything.

i got a date to the semi-formal in december. who loves kristars? someone! haha ;D
2 minutes.

hiatus. [Mon 08 23 04 >> 4:54pm]
[ mood | amused ]


i just got back from camp and had an awesome time, but i really need to start getting ready for school, getting out of the house, and really getting away from the internet. living in the middle of nowhere taught me i dont need to spend 6 hours a day on it every day. i will miss you guys and i'll be back soon.

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